About us

The beginnings of advice on the choice of Hosting was born in the late 90s with the growing offer of services offered by new Hosting Companies. At the beginning, they created a commercial of computer equipment, and two friends, technicians in one of the largest technology companies of the moment, a small company, the Hosting Advice Services Corporation.
Uniting the information on the technological advances and the commercialization of the offers of the companies of Hosting, offering clients the adequate service to their needs. Even that the company does not last for the unexpected death of the main partner, if the idea grabbed him.

That I take one of the former employees of the Hosting Advice Services Corporation to Europe (Spain). Offering as self-employed to medium and large companies the service. In a market each time more unmanageable for them, by the increasing offers and the technological advance.

This is how it was created in the beginning of 2013 in collaboration with the company PVS, which had a staff dedicated to creating programs and websites for small and medium-sized companies, a new branch dedicated to advising on the choice of hosting offering Total flexibility and security under the name VIP Host Service.
Because of the weight of the economic crisis and the lack of interest of the clients instead of security, preferring the cheapest in the majority.
PVS decided in 2016 to stop offering the services of VIP Host Service and donated the experience and an improved system regarding the analysis of Hardware, Business Systems, Cyber ​​Security, IT Systems, Systems Integration and Geography & Political Security, as well as clients of the non-profit association service International Association for Free Web Services.

Thus, a new era for VIP Host Service was born in 2017, increasing human strength and information flow, benefiting from a large network of professional associates of the association.

Thanks to the collaboration of many professionals, there is an idea that makes life safer and easier, saving time for companies and professionals who understand and value the need to be independent, have their data stored with adequate security and benefit from the latest technology.

Nowadays VIP Host Service offers its advice to companies and professionals for a minimum cost, as well as the network of partners and non-profit association that supports.