Do not waste your time searching, comparing and trying to discover what is the valid web hosting for your project. At VIP Host Service we offer you the solution, flexible and adapted to your project.

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A global vision, beyond the essential and basic of a computer project, opens up possibilities, shields us, making us less vulnerable and more competitive.


Knowing how to value the appropriate way, the importance of technology and the needs of the project, is to offer the maximum benefits.

Optimal solution

The projection and valuation of the influential factors allows to obtain the most adequate solutions and guarantees a favorable result.

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What we provide?

Global coverage

We offer a service to optimize hosting services, providing solutions based on markets and international offers that best suit your needs.


We make strategic with a future vision that allows you to use current technologies in an optimal way and incorporate new technological advances.


The technological development is so fast that it makes it almost impossible for hosting companies to be up to date. Knowing at any time who uses the best technologies is key to offering a cutting-edge technology service.

What else we provide?

Buy or rent domains or hosting

When not have a domain name in mind, we can help you to find the best for you. If you have seen one from our. We rent domains for free or up from 1 $ per month.


During years of collaboration we have created a great network that allows us to offer an infinite range of information solutions, from its simple presence on the Internet to the development of large solutions.


Meeting the needs of our customers has allowed us over the years to create a worldwide network of professional photographers as semi-professionals and free time of great prestige. They will offer you to obtain a variety of photos that best represent your products and facilities.

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James Stevens [email protected]

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Who we are?

A young and dynamic team that understands the need for companies and professionals to have quality services as a foundation for their IT and Internet projects.

  • Business Systems Analyst
  • IT Systems Analyst
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Geography & Political Security Analyst
Business integration
IT Systems analysis
Geography & political security
Cyber security


About us

The beginnings of advice on the choice of Hosting was born in the late 90s with the growing offer of services offered by new Hosting Companies. At the beginning, they created a commercial of computer equipment, and two friends, technicians in one of the largest technology companies of the moment, a small company, the Hosting Advice Services Corporation. Uniting the information on the technological advances and the commercialization of the offers of the companies of Hosting, offering clients the adequate service to their needs. keep reading >>

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